How do I choose a property?
A complete list of properties we manage is available on the website. Choose the county, then pull up a list of the properties. Each property has an information page that will give you more details.

How do I apply?
Each property has an application. You can download the application for the property you want by the link on the property's information page. You may also call the main office or site office and request an application be mailed to you. Fill out the application completely and mail it to the site office.

Is there a wait list?
Each property has its own wait list.  The waiting time depends on the number of people on the list and apartment turnover. Many sites have immediate availability. Call the site office for details.

Do you accept Section 8?
There are many complexes that accept the Section 8 voucher. Some other properties have subsidy attached to the units and do not accept Section 8. 

In Erie County, how do I apply for Section 8?
You can apply for Section 8 through either Belmont Shelter Corp. at (716) 884-7791 or Rental Assistance Corp. at (716) 882-0063.

Do you have low income housing?
The apartments we manage are income based. Source of the income does not matter. Rent will be determined based on the information on the application and the rules for the specific apartment complex.

Do you have units for disabled persons?
Yes. The list of properties on the website will indicate which ones have units for the disabled/handicapped.

Are there properties available for senior citizens?
Yes. We have many properties for senior citizens.

Is this assisted living?
No. However, some properties do have services such as Meals on Wheels.

When will I know if I have the apartment?
Once the paperwork is processed and you have been accepted, the site manager of the complex you applied to will contact you when a unit becomes available.